RNC Latin America - Loja, Ecuador

RNC Latin America - Loja, Ecuador

Prof. Nikolay Aguirre Mendoza
Regional Co-ordinator RNC Alliance, for the countries speaking Spanish in South America

National University of Loja, Ecuador

Casilla 11-01-249. Loja, Ecuador.
Telefono: (593 7) 2546671 etx. 119
Fax (5937) 2547275
celular: (593) 09-6901040
[email protected]
skype: nikolayaguirre

Dr Nikolay Aguirre, is engaged in a program entitled "Restauración de ecosistemas degradados en los andes ecuatorianos" (REDAE), that is "Restoration of Degraded Ecosystems in the Ecuadorian Andes". Please see the Spanish version of this Projects page for more details and also articles in Spanish and English under "Latin America".

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