Greening Australia

Greening Australia

Greening Australia runs visionary landscape level projects that seek to restore landscapes in globally significant areas of Australia. These projects include "Whole of Paddock Rehabilitation" and a regional approach to "River Recovery".



Greening Australia’s Whole of Paddock Rehabilitation (WOPR) offers an innovative approach to combat growing land degradation problems, restoring paddock health and providing multiple farm production benefits. Incentives for large-scale native plant revegetation, coupled with a fixed-term stewardship payment, assist land managers to better address climate change, biodiversity losses, paddock tree decline, salinity and other land degradation issues at the paddock level. WOPR integrates conservation and production in a practical, cost-effective and user-friendly program.

Link to: Whole of Paddock introduction.

Australia has over 180,000 km of rivers and streams, of which some 22,000 km are in need of urgent repair. River Recovery is a national initiative, coordinated by Greening Australia, which sets out an ambitious but achievable program for restoring the health of Australia’s rivers.

River Recovery focuses on 9 major river systems across Australia including the Murray (SA), Yarra (Vic), Coliban (Vic), Hutt (WA), Katherine (NT), Burdekin (Qld), Hawkesbury Nepean (NSW), Derwent (Tas) & Boorowa (NSW).

Link to: An introduction to River Recovery and the Boorowa River Recovery.

Mark Corcoran a property owner in Boorowa and his family had many attempts at trying to control the significant erosion along Corcoran’s Creek at ‘Bindaree’ over the years. In spite of the earthworks, the erosion continued to grow.

Mark then trialed fencing off and revegetating a small part of the erosion gully which halted the erosion and provided wind shelter for stock. On the basis of this result, and the availability of funding through Boorowa River Recovery, Mark decided to fence and revegetate the entire gully system—no small effort!
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