Restoration in Madagascar annual update - activities throughout 2013

Restoration in Madagascar annual update - activities throughout 2013

Restoration activities associated with Missouri Botanical Garden’s site‐based conservation program in Madagascar: annual report 2013.

Chris Birkinshaw
Technical Advisor, Madagascar Research and Conservation Program
Missouri Botanical Garden
[email protected]

The Missouri Botanical Garden (MBG) supports locally based programs in more than a dozen countries. The largest of these, built over three decades, is in Madagascar, where our organization has several offices and over 60 members of staff. For most of this period MBG’s Madagascar Program has focused on taxonomic research, botanical exploration, and in-country capacity building. However, towards the end of the last Millennium, MBG staff became increasingly concerned that plant conservation efforts in Madagascar were far from adequate and that we could help rectify this unacceptable situation. Consequently between 2000 and 2003 we analyzed botanical information to identify 78 priority areas for plant conservation (PAPCs), and in late 2002 launched our first conservation project at a precious fragment of rare littoral forest, the Agnalazaha Forest in S-E Madagascar. Since this time we have greatly increased our capacity to achieve conservation, and we are now promoting the conservation of eleven diverse PAPCs scattered throughout the country. Each site is not only exceptionally important for plant conservation, but also provides habitat for rare animals and goods and services to local people.

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