Typology of Ankafobe's vegetation

Typology of Ankafobe's vegetation

Typology of remnant vegetation for ecological restauration for a site at d’Ankafobe – Tampoketsa d’Ankazobe in the central highlands of Madagascar.

Andraina Hajamanalina Rajemison

The Ankafobe Forest is a tiny fragment of Highland Forest that supports a population of the critically endangered tree Schizolaena tampoketsana sohisika). It is proposed that this site will be managed so as to conserve the existing forest and achieve its ecological restoration.

This study aims to provide the information concerning the vegetation of the site as the foundation on which the ecological restoration will be conceived. This study aims to identify, classify, describe and map the different vegetation types present at the site. The hypotheses relate to the heterogeneity of the vegetation, both forest and savanna, at the level of their floristic and spatial structure. The methodology adopted is based on the sampling of the vegetation, classificiation using multi-variate analysis (Principal Component Analysis and Cluster analysis) and the analysis of vegetation.

The results reveal four types of forest: forest on the slopes including the little degraded and degraded forest, the ripicolous forest on lower slopes and the swamp forest in valley bottom. With respect to the savanna, although it is generally characterized by the presence of Aristida sp. and Aristida rufescens, four types can be recognized.

The differentiation between the groups can be justified by their structural parameters, confirming the starting hypotheses. The identification of options for ecological restoration depends on several ecological factors related to the viability of the ecosystem itself but equally to external factors of socio-economic order. It is therefore recommended that the interventions are defined as a function of the state of ecosystem itself albeit that this must be placed in a larger spatial and socio-economic context.

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