RNC Gualaceo, Ecuador

RNC Gualaceo, Ecuador

This project is an alliance between the RNC Alliance, Universidad Alfredo Peréz Guerrero Extensión Gualaceo, Fundaciόn Angel Andreetta, Ecuagenera Nursery, IEWF and other Latin American organisations.

With the assistance of the alliance the university is establishing an Environmental Sciences course which will have a strong focus on restoration and research for the benefit of the communities between Cuenca and Gualaceo (high in the Andes) and across to Pangui (in the Oriente or Amazon Basin). The other important focus of this course will be to provide the students with practical experience, as well as scientific knowledge, to provide maximum work opportunities when they have completed their degree.

The mountain top in the 3 photos below, being close to the university, will be the primary focus of practical restoration work. This work will involve working with the local land owners and the local government.

The majority of trees in this photo are Australian Eucalyptus which have been proven to be destructive to the Andes environment. The students will research local plants and their commercial potential and work with landowners to establish viable restoration projects for the benefit of the landowners, the local community and the environment.


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