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How to Organize a Large-Scale Ecological Restoration Program? The Framework Developed by the Atlantic Forest Restoration Pact in Brazil


Priority setting for scaling-up tropical forest restoration projects: Early lessons from the Atlantic Forest Restoration Pact

Felipe P.L. Melo, Severino R.R. Pinto, Pedro H.S. Brancalion, Pedro S. Castro, Ricardo R. Rodrigues, James Aronson, Marcelo Tabarelli. Elsevier - Environmental Science & Policy 33 (2013) 395-404.

Fenologia da frutificação de espécies vegetais nativas e a restauração florestal no arquipélago de Fernando de Noronha, PE, Brasil

Manoela Schiavon Machado, Pedro Henrique Santin Brancalion, Carolina de Moraes Potascheff, Armando José Barsante Santos, André Gustavo Nave, Ricardo Ribeiro Rodrigues, Sergius Gandolfi. Hoehnea 40(3): 473-483, 1 tab., 3 fig., 2013

Article in Portuguese

Integrating genetic and silvicultural strategies to minimize abiotic and biotic constraints in Brazilian eucalypt plantations

José Leonardo de Moraes Gonçalves, Clayton Alcarde Alvares, Antonio Rioyei Higa, Luciana Duque Silva, Acelino Couto Alfenas, James Stahl, Silvio Frosini de Barros Ferraz, Walter de Paula Lima, Pedro Henrique Santin Brancalion, Ayeska Hubner, Jean-Pierre Daniel Bouillet, Jean-Paul Laclau, Yann Nouvellon, Daniel Epron. Forest Ecology and Management

Enriquecimento de floresta em restauração por meio de semeadura direta de lianas

Jeanne Marie Garcia Le Bourlegat, Sergius Gandolfi, Pedro Henrique Santim Brancalion, Carlos Tadeu dos Santos Dias. Hoehnea 40(3): 465-472, 3 tab., 2013

Cultural Ecosystem Services and Popular Perceptions of the Benefits of an Ecological Restoration Project in the Brazilian Atlantic Forest

Pedro H. S. Brancalion, Ines Villarroel Cardozo, Allan Camatta, James Aronson and Ricardo R. Rodrigues. Restoration Ecology - doi: 10.1111/rec.12025

Does crotalaria (Crotalaria breviflora) or pumpkin (Cucurbita moschata) inter-row cultivation in restoration plantings control invasive grasses?

Ricardo Gomes César, Pedro Henrique Santin Brancalion, Ricardo Ribeiro Rodrigues, Aretha Medina dos Santos Oliveira, Marcelo Corrêa Alves. Sci. Agric. v.70, n.4, p.268-273, July/August 2013

Propagation guide for native trees of Panamá and the Neotrópical Region

The data comes from the STRIYale native tree species project, PRORENA, and was complied by STRI/ELTI postdoctoral investigator Francisco Román.

P.H.S. Brancalion, R.A.G. Viani, B.B.N. Strassburg & R.R. Rodrigues

Unasylva 239, Vol. 63, 2012/1

Responses of transplanted native tree species to invasive alien grass removals in an abandoned cattle pasture in the Lacandon region, Mexico

Román-Dañobeytia, F., J. Castellanos-Albores, S. I. Levy-Tacher, J. Aronson, N. Ramírez-Marcial & R. Ribeiro Rodrigues 2012. Responses of 16 transplanted early-, mid-, and late-successional native tree species to invasive alien grass removals in an abandoned cattle pasture in the Lacandon region, Mexico. Tropical Conservation Science 5(2):192-207.

Testing the Performance of Fourteen Native Tropical Tree Species in Two Abandoned Pastures of the Lacandon Rainforest Region of Chiapas, Mexico

Román-Dañobeytia, F., S. Levy-Tacher, J. Aronson, R. Ribeiro Rodrigues and D. Douterlunghe 2011. Classification of tropical tree species into ecological groups: implications for forest management and restoration in the Lacandon region, Chiapas, México. Restoration Ecology 19(3).

James Aronson, Paddy Woodworth, Christelle Fontaine, Orlando Rangel, James N. Blignaut, Richard M. Cowling, David Tongway, Bev Debrincat, Rudolf S. de Groot, Daniel Renison, Samuel Levy, Chris Birkinshaw, Andre Clewell, Joshua Farley, Suzanne J. Milton, Porter P. Lowry II

Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 1185 (2010) 225-236

Article is in English and Portuguese

Instrumentos Legais Podem Contribuir para a Restauração de Forestas Tropicais Biodiversas
written by Pedro Henrique S. Brancalion, Ricardo Ribeiro Rodrigues, Sergius Gandolfi, Paulo Yoshio Kageyama, André Gustavo Nave, Flávio Bertin Gandara, Luiz Mauro Barbosa e Marcelo Tabarelli
Revista Árvore, Viçosa-MG, v.34, n.3, p.455-470, 2010

Normas Jurídicas para a Restauração Ecológica: Uma barreira a mais a dificultar o êxito das iniciativas?
written by Giselda Durigan, Vera Lex Engel, José Marcelo Torezan, Antônio Carlos Galvão de Melo, Márcia Cristina Mendes Marques, Sebastião Venâncio Martins, Ademir Reis e Fabio Rubio Scarano
Revista Árvore, Viçosa-MG, v.34, n.3, p.471-485, 2010

O que pode e deveria ser legalizado na Restauração Ecológica?
written by James Aronson
Revista Árvore, Viçosa-MG, v.34, n.3, p.451-454, 2010

Species-rich but distinct arbuscular mycorrhizal communities in reforestation plots on degraded pastures and in neighboring pristine tropical mountain rain forest

Ingeborg Haug, Tesfaye Wubet, Michael Weiß, Nikolay Aguirre, Michael Weber, Sven Günter, Ingrid Kottke

Tropical Ecology 51(2): 125-148, 2010

Determinants for successful reforestation of abandoned pastures in the Andes:
Soil conditions and vegetation cover

Sven Günter, Paul Gonzalez, Guido Álvarez, Nikolay Aguirre, Ximena Palomeque, Frank Haubrich, Michael Weber

Forest Ecology and Management 258 (2009) 81–91

A case study in the tropical mountain rain forest of Southern Ecuador

Sven Günter, Michael Weber, Robert Erreis, Nikolay Aguirre

Manuskriptversion - published in Eur J Forest Res 126, 2007: S. 67–75

Silvicultural contributions to the reforestation with native species in the tropical mountain rainforest region of South Ecuador

Doctoral Thesis - Nikolay Aguirre Mendoza, 2007

Can tropical farmers reconcile subsistence needs with forest conservation?

Authors: Thomas Knoke, Baltazar Calvas, Nikolay Aguirre, Rosa María Román-Cuesta, Sven Günter, Bernd Stimm, Michael Weber, and Reinhard Mosandl

Front Ecol Environ 2009; 7(10): 548–554, doi:10.1890/080131 (published online 11 Mar 2009)

Determinants for successful reforestation of abandoned pastures in the Andes: Soil conditions and vegetation cover.

Sven Guñter, Paul Gonzalez, Guido Álvarez, Nikolay Aguirre, Ximena Palomeque, Frank Haubrich, Michael Weber

S. Guñter et al. / Forest Ecology and Management 258 (2009) 81–91

Reforestation of the Córdoba mountains project.

The Lacandon Maya people - of which the last few hundred survivors live in Chiapas, Mexico - preserve a land management practice that permits rapid recovery of forest following agricultural use on a small scale. In other words, the time of fallows is shortened thanks to the use of a fast-growing native tree called Chujum (Ochroma pyramidale, Bombacaceae; Balsa, in English) with great commercial value. Thanks to its abundant and rapidly decomposing foliage, the Chujum can help enrich soils depleted of nutrients and organic matter following unsustainable agriculture and livestock management practices. It can also be very useful in the rehabilitation of degraded zones, dominated by the Bracken fern, Pteridium aquilinum (Petatillas, in Spanish) following a long history of intensive use and intentional fires. (Complete story is in Spanish).

One year-old Ochroma pyramidale in the experimental plot dominated by Bracken fern (Pteridium aquilinum), in Lacanhá Chansayab, Chiapas, Mexico.

Paddy Woodworth

Irish Times May 2007

Read about Cuba, revolution and the environment

Read an update from James Aronson and Andre Clewell - August 2013.

Just like 2012, the first half of 2013 has quite eventful for RNC, and members of the RNC Alliance, and the second half of this year is getting off to a strong start as well. In addition to ongoing projects in Madagascar, South Africa, France, USA and elsewhere, a lot is happening in Latin America and Spain.

Watch for regular updates from other regions.
Enjoy the read!

31 - 60 of 60 results