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Restoration activities associated with Missouri Botanical Garden’s site‐based conservation program in Madagascar: annual report 2013.

Chris Birkinshaw
Technical Advisor, Madagascar Research and Conservation Program
Missouri Botanical Garden
[email protected]

Supporting Target 4 of the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation by Integrating Ecological Restoration into the Missouri Botanical Garden's Conservation Program in Madagascar

Chris Birkinshaw, Porter P. Lowry II, Jeannie Raharimampionona, and James Aronson. Ann. Missouri Bot. Gard. 99: 139–146. Published 13 December 2013.

Overview of Missouri Botanical Garden’s restoration activities in Madagascar 2012:

RNC update from Chris Birkinshaw - Madagascar

Watch for updates from other regions.
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Missouri Botanical Garden's restoration activities in Madagascar during 2010.

Chris Birkinshaw

Etude des Successions Vegetales des Forets Brulees du Tampoketsa D'Ankazobe pour la Restauration de la Foret D'Ankafobe

Mirana Arilala Robisoa

Typology of remnant vegetation for ecological restauration for a site at d’Ankafobe – Tampoketsa d’Ankazobe in the central highlands of Madagascar.

Andraina Hajamanalina Rajemison

Holcim supports the conservation of the Ibity Massif, Madagascar

Chris Birkinshaw, Madagascar Research and Conservation Program, Missouri Botanical Garden [email protected]

Survival and growth of seedlings of 19 native tree and shrub species planted in degraded forest as part of a forest restoration project in Madagascar’s highlands.

Chris Birkinshaw, Mamisoa Andrianjafy and Jean-Jacques Rasolofonirina

Madagascar Conservation & Development - Vol 4 Issue 2 - Dec 2009

RNC initiatives of the Missouri Botanical Garden - Madagascar - 2009 update

Chris Birkinshaw, Technical Advisor MBG-Madagascar, ([email protected]), Pete Lowry, Curator and Head of the Africa andMadagascar Department of MBG ([email protected]), James Aronson, Curator and co-coordinator of the RNC Alliance ([email protected]), Adolphe Lehavana, Reza Ludovic, Mamisoa Andrianjafy, Fortunat Rakotoarivony and Jean-Jacques Rasolofomirino (MBG-Madagascar)

RNC initiatives of the Missouri Botanical Garden - Madagascar