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Survival and growth of seedlings of 19 native tree and shrub species planted in degraded forest as part of a forest restoration project in Madagascar’s highlands.

Chris Birkinshaw, Mamisoa Andrianjafy and Jean-Jacques Rasolofonirina

Madagascar Conservation & Development - Vol 4 Issue 2 - Dec 2009

An EcoSystem Services Trading Model for the Mnweni/Cathedral Peak and Eastern Cape Drakensberg Areas.

This work has been a collaborative effort between a number of authors and a wide range of stakeholders. The work is a reflection of a potential market, with the various possible sellers and buyers of services articulating their perceptions and positions in such a market, in this work. To a large degree the work is a product of the inputs of the stakeholders.

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Comment: Paddy Woodworth Economists and ecologists unite to estimate our debt to the ecosystem. The Irish Times, Nov 18, 2005.
Just as the world thought it was winning the war on carbon emissions a major conference has been told of a new threat. Paddy Woodworth reports on the problem of burning peatlands. The Irish Times, Sept 2, 2006.
South Africa's Kruger National Park used to be surrounded by land that shared it's world-famous biodiversity, but decades of overgrazing have reduced much of the neighbouring land to dust. Paddy Woodworth reports on a movement to restore the vegetation and wildlife - and raise standards for locals too. The Irish Times Magazine, Jan 06, 2007.
Advocates of ecological restoration argue that there is a slim but real chance of using science to reverse the devastation of our planet, writes Paddy Woodworth. The Irish Times, Oct 1, 2005.
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Paddy Woodworth

Irish Times May 2007

Read about Cuba, revolution and the environment in English.

91 - 120 sur 126 résultats