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Le Floc’h, E. & J. Aronson 2013. Les Arbres des Déserts. Enjeux et promesses. Actes Sud, Arles, France.

Land Restoration to Combat Desertification
Innovative Approaches, Quality Control and Project Evaluation

Edited by Susana Bautista, James Aronson, V. Ramón Vallejo

This book was conceived in the framework of the European Commission project REACTION (DG Research, Fifth Framework Programme).

Published by Fundación Centro de Estudios Ambientales del Mediterráneo - CEAM - 2010 www.ceam.es

Auteurs: Andre F. Clewell et James Aronson

Traduit de l'anglais par Christelle Fontaine et Christiane Randriamampionona.

The Economics of Ecosystems of Biodiversity (TEEB) for Policy Makers Report has just been released in softcopy. Watch this space for the availability of a paper version. Please see English description.

Ecology, Adaptive Management, and Restoration

J. Aronson, J.S. Pereira, and J.G. Pausas (editors)
Island Press, 2009

The Science and Practice of Ecological Restoration Editors: James Aronson, Suzanne J. Milton, James N. Blignaut
(Disponible en anglais uniquement)
Authors: Andre F. Clewell and James Aronson
(Disponible en anglais uniquement)